"FAV" Wool Combi With Graphic Blouson NAVY

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グラフィックは、シーズンテーマ”FROM DAY TO NIGHT, NIGHT TO DAY”を象徴する朝焼け/夕焼けから10枚のモチーフを書き上げ、つなぎ合わせて作成。アブストラクトかつ情熱的なテキスタイルに仕上げています。



着丈 70㎝ 肩幅 59cm 身幅67cm 袖丈 63cm

着用モデル 176cm

FACE:Wool 80/Nylom 20% SHOULDER PATCH:Wool 70/Polyester 18%/Nylon 7%/Acryl 5% OTHER FABRIC:Polyester 100% LINING:Polyester 100%


A blouson with original graphics symbolizing the season.

The graphics were created by drawing up 10 sunrise/sunset motifs that symbolize the season theme "FROM DAY TO NIGHT, NIGHT TO DAY" and connecting them together. The result is an abstract and passionate textile.

The front flap pocket has a double pocket design that allows you to put your hands in from the side.

The collar has a chin strap and the sleeves can be adjusted in size with buttons.