"PHOENIX" Shaggy Wool Layered Multi Way Coat

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FILSONのダブルスリーブマッキノウコートの二重袖からインスパイアされ、デザイナー自身のアイデンティティに大きく影響を与えたRIVER PHOENIXをイメージしてデザイン。


取り外した身頃のみで着用可能で、SSシーズンよりより生地の厚みや、袖の設計を変更しパターンに微修正をかけよりオーバーコート感を強調するサイジングとなっています。 メインの生地には毛足のあるシャギーウールを使用。切り替えにはヴィンテージ調の皴感あるナイロンツイル生地を組み合わせています。

着丈 120㎝ 身幅72cm 裄丈 80cm

着用モデル 176cm

FACE:Wool 60%/Polyester 30%/Acryl 4%/Rayon 4%/Nylon 3% OTHER FABRIC:Nylon 100 LINING:Polyester 100%


The classic double sleeve coat "PHOENIX" is one of KYOU's signature items. This season, it is designed to be removable only during the peak season, allowing for a wide range of styles.

Inspired by the double sleeves of FILSON's double-sleeved Mackinaw coat, the design is inspired by RIVER PHOENIX, which had a major influence on the designer's own identity.

When the upper body is removed, it can be worn as a coat with a switching color scheme, featuring an inside-out design that incorporates the inside-out technique.

It can be worn only with the body removed, and from the SS season, the thickness of the fabric and sleeve design have been changed, and the pattern has been slightly revised to emphasize the overcoat feel. The main fabric is shaggy wool with pile. The switching is combined with vintage-style wrinkled nylon twill fabric.