"BROTHERS" Eco-Leather Heavy Weight sweat M.GRAY

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Size2 着丈 70㎝ 肩幅 68cm バスト 130cm 袖丈 60cm

着用モデル 176cm

RIB:Cotton 100%
FACESIDE:Polyurethane 100%
BACKSIDE:Polyester 100%


A heavyweight sweatshirt that will continue to be developed as a staple item of KYOU. The name [BROTHERS] comes from the experience of buying and sharing the same clothes in different colors with his brother, who was greatly influenced by the designer in his childhood.

This season, the leather used for the collar has been changed to eco-leather, and features a rough leather pattern with a real touch. Since it is an item for daily use, it is a product that can be taken care of more easily.

The body is made of thick thread, and the heavyweight lining that is tightly packed and does not lose its shape. The EXCELLA® zipper is used for the zipper, and there is no odor, making it a piece that you can enjoy the old and luxurious mismatch.