"RIVER" WITH LETTERING Cut-off by 80s Reproduced Denim

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River Phoenixを着想源に生前の彼が着用していたデニムをイメージしたKYOU 定番のカットオフデニム【RIVER】



UNLESS RIVER=リバーでない限り 】   着用者への問いかけを込めており、着る人の解釈によってどのようにも捉えられる。

刺繍は国内でも有数の刺繍工場で加工し、糸と糸が橋渡しのようにつながっている独特のフリンジ刺繍を用いている。 刺繍の際に運針のピッチを長くしたものを並べ、その部分の裏の糸を後から切り取ることで表の糸がフリンジ状になり裏の糸を切り取った時に表の糸が抜けたりほどけたりしない仕様になっている。


SIZE 2 ウエスト 85cm /ヒップ 109cm / 股上 30㎝ / 股下 63㎝ / ワタリ 36㎝ / 裾幅 20㎝


着用モデル  173cm


FACE:Cotton 100%



KYOU's classic cut-off denim "RIVER", inspired by the denim worn by River Phoenix before his death.

The fabric is a reproduction of the Hachimaru type produced by Levi's in the late 80s, when the company moved from red ears to earless ears.

This denim fabric is a material that matches the concept of the collection and the historical background, and has a grainy feel due to the processing and is easy to get a bite. The iconic embroidery is a kind of message.

UNLESS RIVER = The embroidery is a question to the wearer and can be interpreted in any way depending on the wearer's interpretation.

The embroidery is processed at one of the leading embroidery factories in Japan and uses a unique fringe embroidery technique in which the threads are connected like a bridge.

The threads on the back of the embroidery are cut off afterwards, so that the threads on the front side of the embroidery are fringed and the threads on the back side of the embroidery do not come loose when the threads are cut off.

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